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Angelfeet files come with a 1 year limited Warranty!

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The Angelfeet Mini Pro 1 is back in stock after so many months. They are slightly larger than the Mini Pro 2 with the oval head and slightly larger handle. Get yours soon as we will run out of these quick!

Single Sided Files

The Angelfeet Single Sided Pedicure File offers the same great technology that is on Angelfeet's Professional Line of files.   The Single Sided file has the dimensions of the Small Professional file, but with one smoothing surface.  This pedicure file is great for at home use to keep feet nice and smooth in between pedicures.


Here is a comparison chart we put together with other pedicure tools out in the market today.

Which one will your feet like better?

California Approves use of our Angelfeet Pedicure Files.

We've received confirmation from Kristy Underwood, Executive Officer of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology department, of a new law that passed in January 2011 for metal files to be used for pedicures or manicures. Any razor-edge or needle-like instruments are still prohibited from salons. Any of these instruments found in a spa can be subject to a $500 fine. (click to view source)

Here's the details:
Section 7320.1 Allows Metal Tools to Smooth and Massage
(Credo blades and Rasps are still illegal)
-When providing a manicure or pedicure, no metal instruments shall be used except those metal instruments necessary for the cutting, trimming, manicuring, or pedicuring of nails or cuticles or for the smoothing and massaging of the hands and feet.

The official Section 7320.1 law is on the website of Barbering and Cosmetology (click to view).
California, here we come!
California pedicures

We currently carry 3 textures.

Coarse, Medium, Fine (The Fine texture is the default for All files except the Single Sided)
Notice: Medium is rougher than Coarse. This is because Medium has more Pyramids than the Coarse file.



Mini Pro 1 back in stock! -June 1st, 2012